About Us

About Us

World’s Biggest Poker Room

GGPoker launched in 2017, designed from the ground up by an experienced team of poker players who truly love the game. Our vision is to ensure that GGPoker players have more fun playing at GGPoker than they could anywhere else – we’re making poker fun again!

We want to deliver new, exciting and, most importantly of all, fun experiences to our players; we know what makes poker a game that millions love to play, but have the experience to see what needs to be improved in terms of optimizing our favorite games for the modern world.

GGPoker offers exciting game formats and software features that aren’t available elsewhere and we’re explicitly focused on delivering the type of all-action gaming sessions that those with a busy lifestyle are looking for.

Next-Generation Poker Software

GGPoker software is optimized for mobile and tablet play, and our app is a pleasure to use wherever and whenever you want to play online poker. The GGPoker app is built from the ground up with fun and fairness in mind, and is packed with next-generation features that make playing poker online at GGPoker an exciting and action-packed experience.

Safety & Security

GGPoker facilitates safe and easy deposits across a wide range of payment methods, ensuring players can quickly access real-money poker games. All of your account information is safe at GGPoker, and our software platform has been awarded an ISO 27001 certification for information security.

Responsible Gaming

GGPoker is proud to provide our players with the safest environment to enjoy their favorite games. For more information, please visit our Responsible Gaming page.


GGPoker is represented at the tables by some truly remarkable people, from the most famous player on the planet, Daniel Negreanu, to the best and brightest up-and-coming poker stars. If you fancy taking them on, simply join GGPoker, hit the tables and you just might find them!

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